Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Attention all, DIRECTIONS!

Zounds, I do hope you all are havin' fun!
Margot and I simply love Paris in December--the sights, the sounds, the duels...ahem...yes, makes one shiver so!
Your directress will presently send me directions for stage and acting, which I will pass onto you. Please return to m'blog, as these directions are most important, and must be marked within your scripts.

I do hope that all of those within "Madam guillotine" are gatherin' up their costumes for this act, as dear Lissa and Monica have stressed in their postings on m'blog.

More to come, demme!


Wednesday, December 21, 2005

On the sellin' of adds!

Sink me! Questions already? Good for you!

For those of you wonderin' about sellin' $10.00 adds and such-- not to worry. Your directress has informed me that upon the front of the advertisement form (the one that you must fill out- yes?) she believes there is a space and a guide to going about the selling of a $10.00 add. Feel free to check in, again, if you are havin' trouble! (Demme, I simply live for trouble I do, what!)
Oh, and somethin' else, m'dear fellows! I'm lookin' for photographs from the teaser, or from practise of the Cast and crew. I know that not a few of you have them, and I want them. So do send these via your directress' e-mail, eh what!

Are you drinking eggnog at present? No? Not even hot chocolate? Best get up and at it, boys! Zounds, you only have one Christmastide holiday!

Now, where's that blasted cravat...I just had it...Margot! We've an emergency, demme, we do!


Sunday, December 11, 2005

A happy holiday to you all!

Sink me- is it Christmastide already? It is, demme, it is!
Bless me, Margot...Is that mistletoe? One moment, m'dear...ahem
Zounds, how time flies when one's having fun, eh what!
Just a reminder to those of the League and Cast- when you return from you're little holidays in the country, do try to remember to bring funding for the show with you...At least $50.00...
Odds fish, we have but a month before openin' night, what...And blocking and such has yet to be fully accomplished! Egad!
Ah, but your directess has informed me that all will be most well- that you all will return refreshed and rejuvenated for the future month of strenuous practices that lay ahead of you! She also will be in constant contact with me, and I, in turn, will update you on all the happenings pertainin' to the show! That means, m'dear fellows, that you all must check up on m'blog at least once a week! Much to do, much to do!
Drink eggnog. Give and receive, what!
Merry Christmas to you and yours from Margot and me!
Come, kiss me, m'dear wife!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

A quick note of interest...

Hear ye, hear ye...
Just a quick reminder, all...there shall be no practice this Friday, but note all are called for a meetin' on Saturday at 9:00 AM sharp, and then the League must stay for practice of "The Creation of Man".
Tuesday, there shall not be practice, so please bring a pencil and paper, as there will be a few last min. details given by your directress.
Stay tuned for all updates during Christmastide through m'blog!


Thursday, December 01, 2005

More Pictures! continue...

Sing, m'dear! Sing! Marguerite (Natalie Vitti) looks smashing in her gown, no?

I believe that chap- who plays me...looks dashing in pastels, eh what?
Bravo, Percy...I mean...Cyrus!

Sirrah, unhand m' wife! Natalie and Matt worry 'bout trusting each other's treachery...Sink me what a bother! I confess, I know exactly how hard it is to keep this riddle going, but you both do it so well!

Percy wows the audience when effortlessly singing his solos in "The Riddle", changing face and bearing soul, showing his real self, and his real suffering for the love of Marguerite. Zounds, that brings back memories!

Ooooooooh ev'ry Judas once loved a Jesus...

Sink me, Mon-suir! You seem to have forgotten your style back in the motherland, what? You might want to turn tail and scamper back to fetch it...leaving me to wife and home? No, I didn't think you would...dark man. Well, do find something colorful for the Royal Ball- zounds, you Frenchie republicans are so droll...

Well all- I must admit that I have a dinner to less than a quarter-hour and haven't even changed m'housecoat yet! Must get to it, or I shall really be monstrous late!

Au revoir!


What you've been waitin' for!

Sink me! Finally, I have obtained copies of the photographs I've been promisin' you all for so very long! Bravo, Percy!

These photographs were taken during the "Teaser Show" performed by the cast, on the Feast of St. Cecilia (which explains the delightful red picture in the background), please note that all costumes are hand-made by Lissa Small and Monica Horiuchi. All will be commented on by yours truly, so that no mistakin' may be made on "who's who and what's what", if I make myself clear...yes? Good! On we go...

Well now, this first photograph is taken during the scene where Robbespiere (Michael Mruk filling in for Greg Monroe) and Shoo-shoo..ahem..Chauvelin (Matt Anderson) enjoy a little heart-to-heart, so French, eh what? Sink me, is that a gillotine behind them?! That is French! And, what is that little scrap of paper upon the demned contraption?....

Ah, what have we here? Methinks Chauvelin is asking the samed question, what? And who is that bloke he's glarin' at? (Note: There will be no visible microphones during the actual production in March)
"Who is this blasted Pimpernel?"
...More to come, more to come!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Absolutly stuffed with Turkey, demme!

Zounds! How you Americans eat so! Methinks I won't be fittin' in me pantaloons any time soon...

One quick note, m'dears, (for plenty have asked for it!) 'bout the upcommin' practise, what! Tuesday, November 29 will run scenes 1-5 without that demned "Madam Guillotine" song...sung...
Ahem- from there, your directress shall see how much is needed for future practises.

Note also, m'dears, that after break there will be just a month before openin' night, what! That means practises will run an average of three hours per practise. No groans, now...we want it to be good, yes?
We also are in demned need of must be sold and returned after Winter break- remember- $50.00 min per person!
We shall also be meetin' for anyone interested in...oh my, what fun!...Christmas Caroling Friday, December 9.
MMM...this calls for a nice toddy, eh what!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Teaser? Right you are!

Yes, m' dear, I quite agree. Any higher, and your hair will be standin' straight up on end, what! Quite right, go and fix the meantime, I'll tend to m' blog, I will!

Ah, it was quite nice...quite nice, indeed, to hear of the improving of practice last. Cheers, m' fellows! Demme, bravo! This 'teaser show' you'll be puttin' on will be quite a hit, methinks! Your directress informs me that if all goes well on Friday eve, you will be let out early...but if not, be prepared to stay until...zooks...7:30pm!

Sink me, I almost forgot! Much thanks, indeed, to the great benefactress, Mrs. Krebbs, for her generous donation to the cast. As we all know, each little gift is much appreciated, and she has supported the League greatly, in our efforts to put Christendom College on the to speak, eh what!
Merci! Vive!
Thanks, also, to Greg and Edward who volunteered (even with time pressin' upon them) to construct one of those demnedable Frenchie decapitatin' contraptions! Sink me, it makes a man shiver so!

Zounds, as for the rest of you scoundrels- methinks it's high time for an outtin' to the neighboring towns. Your directress will be travelin' abroad to Winchester and Manassas throughout the weekend. Please contact her in order to fetch a ride into town to advertise our production! (We still need cravats, demme! And, boots...and other such frou-frou! Sink me, we best get to it, then, what!)
On with you, men! Get to work, what! We have plannin' to do!

To those who have made a comment, as of late, upon m' blog...I have answered your questions where you posted them...for your convenience!


Sunday, October 30, 2005

Helloo, M' foppish friends!

Moment, Margot...I have some news to dictate...

Helloo, m'friends! (Zounds, you all look well rested!)
You shall be having rehersals, starting this Tuesday, in the St. Lawrence Commons, to start practisin' for that teaser show, what! (Two weeks are what we'll have).
From this practise, forward, attendance will be taken--Zounds, it's come to that, eh what? What on earth did you do to make your directress empose manditories upon you? Sink me!--all cast members must attend each practise, and more than two unexcused absences will be a sad dismissal- Sink me! Disgrace!- from the show. There are rumers that some of you are not pullin' your weight, and that is a sad way to show honor, m' fellows! Bad form, what? Sink me, we do want a good show, yes? It will only be as good as one puts effort into it...remember, the cast is vital to the development of any show--don't think that Cyrus, Natalie and Matt can carry on a show 'bout me! Where did m'trusted League go?
Enough of that, methinks!

In other such news, the scripts are in, and will be distributed for stage direction notes and such. (Use pencil only!)
The cast and crew must continue to sell them advertisments, or we shall be in the hole- as it were- for cost of set, costumes and other such frou-frou. Sink me, I may be the wealthiest man in England, but I've left this show to you!
I have obtained photographs of the cast, and hope to post 'em very soon, indeed- ahem..more to come, more to come, what!
No more t'be said, for now, though! (Zounds, Margot...look at the time! His Highness is waitin' for us...fashionably late as we are!)

Sunday, October 16, 2005

To the North Country,in the middle of the night- Margot thinks I'm "bizarre"!

To m'dear friends and fans...
Faith, methinks a small holiday...perhaps in the "North Country" ( do a bit of fencing, what!) would do me (and a few others, I suspect) a great deal of good!
Sink me! What a grand idea! I think I will! Demme, brilliant!

Be prepared, m' League, to practise quite a bit, on your return! Your directress shall resume rehersals, Tuesday next!

(At the moment, she has informed me that, accompanied by Marie, she has visited the famed Chicago production of Wicked. She reports, that although it is understood to be the champion of musical productions- she believes that the one...(sink me...'bout ME!) is quite better. Demne right.

Sell ADs! Sell ADs!


Thursday, October 13, 2005

March 2006 Production

Demme, Armand-fix your cravat!

(ahem) Attention, one and all...ATTENTION!

Sink me! It's official! M' favorite cast shall be performin' the musical...yes- based on moi...on the weekend of March 11-12!
Zounds! You all will have so much to do, what! Look here- you will be performin' a matinee at 3:00 in the afternoon, on Saturday, and ANOTHER demned performance at 8:00 in the evening. (Faith! Your directress is simply a tyrant, she is, eh what!). More to come, more to come! -That's not all! You will also be performin' that Sunday, at a 3:00 matinee!

Pray, do tell one and all about your fund raisin' campaign, m'dears!
For all you fans and visitors, you may post a question to m'blog, here, inquirin' further information! Sink me! If you leave your e-mail, then you will get an e-mail back from me! How excitin', eh what?! (Zounds, I could hardly stand it, I would, if I were you! HA!)

Tally-ho, m' League of merry men! Cheers and all that!


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Sink me! They own the Rights!

Zounds! That was wondrous fast, what? M' dear, the directress, has informed me that you, the Cast, have acquired the Rights to m'show! Marvelous! Here-here! Bravo!
Furthermore, it seems that the gentleman who is to play the part of me (lucky sod) has now been awarded with the privilege of carrying the...lorgnette! Sink me! Only the elite of foppish fashion do so, here in England! Gad, the man will be puffed up, he will...with all this finery surroundin' him so, what! Your directress is simply spoilin' you!

Please do check in to m' blog once in a while, what? I might be monstrous busy, but I shall make time for m' friends...Especially if the topic of conversation is 'bout fashion, frou- frou or fabulous foppish theatre feigning! (Demme, I'm good!) More to come, more to come!

Margot bestows bonjours, one and all!


Monday, October 10, 2005

League meetings, boots and such...oh yeah...oh yes!

I've just return-ed from speaking with the directress (yes, yes, m'boots are somethin' wonderous, they are! Thank you for your consern!)...ahem...who has informed me of the plan for gathering funds by the cast and crew of m' favorite educational institute (Sink me! If there aren't a lot of long words in that sentence!).
She mentioned it seemed as if quite a few of the League was missing, and well, "Demme," I said, "I have that new blog, I do. Zounds, if I shouldn't just mention what you were...mentionin'...Sink me! I will! Brilliant! etc."
And there you have it, eh what!
To those who were must speak with m'dear directress sometime before Thursday eve, as you all must be able to obtain monies for CRAVATS! (Demme, this is IMPORTANT, it is!) over the fall holiday.
Now I've worked myself to a humor, I have. Methinks a glass of do the Irish at that college call it?...ah yes..."medicinal compound" would do me good. Sink me!
Bottems up, eh what?!


A bit of news from the Baronet...

Sink me! Rumor has it that me tailors are sell'n bake-d goods! Zounds...too good to be true, eh what? But demme it is, and sink me they are!
Odds fish- the price for them is only one American dollar! Buy more, buy more! The moneys go toward finer cravats- what better excuse could you have than to beutify the world, what?

Other important news, me fine fellows: Your directress is hosting a meeting, tonight; the Rights for the musical...('bout me!) are due this week- methinks she'll post somethin' about the purchase of Rights...soon.
Margot looks spiffy in this "lil Bo-Peep" costume, eh what?!
Ta-ta, for now...must go to my boot-makers!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Practice schedule and vocal lessons

Your directress will be available for vocal training, especially to the major characters, MWF anytime between 3:15-5:30, and again from 7:00-9:30. Please contact her in advance to set up a time, as she has no time to speak to me of such things...and I have no time to search for each of you! HA!

A quaint little dinner meeting is scheduled for ALL cast members this Monday, October 10th, in one of the class rooms of St. Lawrence Commons. Zounds! Be sure to arrive as soon as humanly possible! Tuesday will be the last night of practice before your Fall Holiday! (Methinks that I should also take a holiday, what? Maybe to a little fencing? Ha!) Ahem... be prepared to speak about attendance policies and a possible rescheduling for future practices.

Sink me, this message is drab! Ah, one last announcement, then!

Me own dearest Christendom Cast will be performin' a 15 min. "teaser" show on St. Cicilia's Night. (Odds fish! I've but a MONTH to prepare me wardrobe!)


The Scarlet Pimpernel

Sink me! If I didn't go and do it!
To think-me own blog! Brilliant!- you say? HA! Inspired!
Aren't I just demned intellectual, these days? Zounds!- a technologically updated rogue, eh what? ('Tis true, 'tis true!)

Presently, this little forum is for the cast and crew of Christendom College whilest they labor to produce that splended musical based!

Pictures and such will be posted as the production progresses, but all fans of yours truly are welcome to join in the fun, what!