Monday, October 10, 2005

A bit of news from the Baronet...

Sink me! Rumor has it that me tailors are sell'n bake-d goods! Zounds...too good to be true, eh what? But demme it is, and sink me they are!
Odds fish- the price for them is only one American dollar! Buy more, buy more! The moneys go toward finer cravats- what better excuse could you have than to beutify the world, what?

Other important news, me fine fellows: Your directress is hosting a meeting, tonight; the Rights for the musical...('bout me!) are due this week- methinks she'll post somethin' about the purchase of Rights...soon.
Margot looks spiffy in this "lil Bo-Peep" costume, eh what?!
Ta-ta, for now...must go to my boot-makers!


Ani said...

inspired, sir, inspired! Nearly brought tears to the jolly eyes, eh what?

SirPercivalBlakeney said...

What sir? Me sir? Yes sirrah!