Sunday, October 30, 2005

Helloo, M' foppish friends!

Moment, Margot...I have some news to dictate...

Helloo, m'friends! (Zounds, you all look well rested!)
You shall be having rehersals, starting this Tuesday, in the St. Lawrence Commons, to start practisin' for that teaser show, what! (Two weeks are what we'll have).
From this practise, forward, attendance will be taken--Zounds, it's come to that, eh what? What on earth did you do to make your directress empose manditories upon you? Sink me!--all cast members must attend each practise, and more than two unexcused absences will be a sad dismissal- Sink me! Disgrace!- from the show. There are rumers that some of you are not pullin' your weight, and that is a sad way to show honor, m' fellows! Bad form, what? Sink me, we do want a good show, yes? It will only be as good as one puts effort into it...remember, the cast is vital to the development of any show--don't think that Cyrus, Natalie and Matt can carry on a show 'bout me! Where did m'trusted League go?
Enough of that, methinks!

In other such news, the scripts are in, and will be distributed for stage direction notes and such. (Use pencil only!)
The cast and crew must continue to sell them advertisments, or we shall be in the hole- as it were- for cost of set, costumes and other such frou-frou. Sink me, I may be the wealthiest man in England, but I've left this show to you!
I have obtained photographs of the cast, and hope to post 'em very soon, indeed- ahem..more to come, more to come, what!
No more t'be said, for now, though! (Zounds, Margot...look at the time! His Highness is waitin' for us...fashionably late as we are!)


Anonymous said...

Yay! No more illegal copied scripts that have half the dialogue cut off! way to go bree!

Andreth said...

A question for the illustrious Sir Percival. Is your show going to be an entire musical play, or simply a musical review?

Anonymous said...

Wow, preparation six months in advance. Impressive, eh what?

SirPercivalBlakeney said...

La, Andreth...your question is a good one, it is! The cast and crew of Christendom College will be presentin' this production in its entirety! That is why, countin' the many holidays the students are granted, instead of six months to practice, they have only four! This will be the first full-length major musical production that Christendom will endevor for quite a while, so they tell me!
Do come and see...I shall be placin' some photographs of the cast, soon, upon m'blog! Please come again!
- Percy