Monday, October 10, 2005

League meetings, boots and such...oh yeah...oh yes!

I've just return-ed from speaking with the directress (yes, yes, m'boots are somethin' wonderous, they are! Thank you for your consern!)...ahem...who has informed me of the plan for gathering funds by the cast and crew of m' favorite educational institute (Sink me! If there aren't a lot of long words in that sentence!).
She mentioned it seemed as if quite a few of the League was missing, and well, "Demme," I said, "I have that new blog, I do. Zounds, if I shouldn't just mention what you were...mentionin'...Sink me! I will! Brilliant! etc."
And there you have it, eh what!
To those who were must speak with m'dear directress sometime before Thursday eve, as you all must be able to obtain monies for CRAVATS! (Demme, this is IMPORTANT, it is!) over the fall holiday.
Now I've worked myself to a humor, I have. Methinks a glass of do the Irish at that college call it?...ah yes..."medicinal compound" would do me good. Sink me!
Bottems up, eh what?!


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