Sunday, October 09, 2005

Practice schedule and vocal lessons

Your directress will be available for vocal training, especially to the major characters, MWF anytime between 3:15-5:30, and again from 7:00-9:30. Please contact her in advance to set up a time, as she has no time to speak to me of such things...and I have no time to search for each of you! HA!

A quaint little dinner meeting is scheduled for ALL cast members this Monday, October 10th, in one of the class rooms of St. Lawrence Commons. Zounds! Be sure to arrive as soon as humanly possible! Tuesday will be the last night of practice before your Fall Holiday! (Methinks that I should also take a holiday, what? Maybe to a little fencing? Ha!) Ahem... be prepared to speak about attendance policies and a possible rescheduling for future practices.

Sink me, this message is drab! Ah, one last announcement, then!

Me own dearest Christendom Cast will be performin' a 15 min. "teaser" show on St. Cicilia's Night. (Odds fish! I've but a MONTH to prepare me wardrobe!)



Adrienne said...

Why am I not surprised that this is run by Bree? :o) Good job, though! I will be visiting often! You should visit mine, too.

See ya!

The Scream said...

Hi Bree! Sorry I missed the meeting yesterday. I didn't know about it. Will ttyl!