Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Sink me! They own the Rights!

Zounds! That was wondrous fast, what? M' dear, the directress, has informed me that you, the Cast, have acquired the Rights to m'show! Marvelous! Here-here! Bravo!
Furthermore, it seems that the gentleman who is to play the part of me (lucky sod) has now been awarded with the privilege of carrying the...lorgnette! Sink me! Only the elite of foppish fashion do so, here in England! Gad, the man will be puffed up, he will...with all this finery surroundin' him so, what! Your directress is simply spoilin' you!

Please do check in to m' blog once in a while, what? I might be monstrous busy, but I shall make time for m' friends...Especially if the topic of conversation is 'bout fashion, frou- frou or fabulous foppish theatre feigning! (Demme, I'm good!) More to come, more to come!

Margot bestows bonjours, one and all!


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Kelly Jo said...

Best of luck my friend!