Sunday, October 16, 2005

To the North Country,in the middle of the night- Margot thinks I'm "bizarre"!

To m'dear friends and fans...
Faith, methinks a small holiday...perhaps in the "North Country" ( do a bit of fencing, what!) would do me (and a few others, I suspect) a great deal of good!
Sink me! What a grand idea! I think I will! Demme, brilliant!

Be prepared, m' League, to practise quite a bit, on your return! Your directress shall resume rehersals, Tuesday next!

(At the moment, she has informed me that, accompanied by Marie, she has visited the famed Chicago production of Wicked. She reports, that although it is understood to be the champion of musical productions- she believes that the one...(sink me...'bout ME!) is quite better. Demne right.

Sell ADs! Sell ADs!



Anonymous said...

Demme, Percy, but me thinks you need to work on your spelling, wot? ("fensing", I say!)

SirPercivalBlakeney said...

Demme, but you're right!

Anonymous said...

But Percy I have several requests to buy one line snippits in our pamphlets for 10$ to 15$. Can we not take advantage of this situation to get more money for less space? What do you say Percy?

Josephine Sophie said...

Bon soir, mes amis! I have created by own blog (just for fun) of the costumes we are working on for SP. You can check it out if you're interested. (Not yet, of course, because it won't have anything on it yet.):P It is
On another note, girls, please get to work on creating your own Madame Guillotine attire. Long skirts and peasant tops or oxford shirts. Be creative with it and suit it to your character. Use aprons, smocks, wigs, whatever! Thanks for helping me out in that area! Monica and I are working hard on getting alot of the costumes done over break! Merry Christmas!