Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Absolutly stuffed with Turkey, demme!

Zounds! How you Americans eat so! Methinks I won't be fittin' in me pantaloons any time soon...

One quick note, m'dears, (for plenty have asked for it!) 'bout the upcommin' practise, what! Tuesday, November 29 will run scenes 1-5 without that demned "Madam Guillotine" song...sung...
Ahem- from there, your directress shall see how much is needed for future practises.

Note also, m'dears, that after break there will be just a month before openin' night, what! That means practises will run an average of three hours per practise. No groans, now...we want it to be good, yes?
We also are in demned need of funds...ads must be sold and returned after Winter break- remember- $50.00 min per person!
We shall also be meetin' for anyone interested in...oh my, what fun!...Christmas Caroling Friday, December 9.
MMM...this calls for a nice toddy, eh what!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Teaser? Right you are!

Yes, m' dear, I quite agree. Any higher, and your hair will be standin' straight up on end, what! Quite right, go and fix it...in the meantime, I'll tend to m' blog, I will!

Ah, it was quite nice...quite nice, indeed, to hear of the improving of practice last. Cheers, m' fellows! Demme, bravo! This 'teaser show' you'll be puttin' on will be quite a hit, methinks! Your directress informs me that if all goes well on Friday eve, you will be let out early...but if not, be prepared to stay until...zooks...7:30pm!

Sink me, I almost forgot! Much thanks, indeed, to the great benefactress, Mrs. Krebbs, for her generous donation to the cast. As we all know, each little gift is much appreciated, and she has supported the League greatly, in our efforts to put Christendom College on the map...ahem...so to speak, eh what!
Merci! Vive!
Thanks, also, to Greg and Edward who volunteered (even with time pressin' upon them) to construct one of those demnedable Frenchie decapitatin' contraptions! Sink me, it makes a man shiver so!

Zounds, as for the rest of you scoundrels- methinks it's high time for an outtin' to the neighboring towns. Your directress will be travelin' abroad to Winchester and Manassas throughout the weekend. Please contact her in order to fetch a ride into town to advertise our production! (We still need cravats, demme! And, boots...and other such frou-frou! Sink me, we best get to it, then, what!)
On with you, men! Get to work, what! We have plannin' to do!

To those who have made a comment, as of late, upon m' blog...I have answered your questions where you posted them...for your convenience!