Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Attention all, DIRECTIONS!

Zounds, I do hope you all are havin' fun!
Margot and I simply love Paris in December--the sights, the sounds, the duels...ahem...yes, makes one shiver so!
Your directress will presently send me directions for stage and acting, which I will pass onto you. Please return to m'blog, as these directions are most important, and must be marked within your scripts.

I do hope that all of those within "Madam guillotine" are gatherin' up their costumes for this act, as dear Lissa and Monica have stressed in their postings on m'blog.

More to come, demme!


Wednesday, December 21, 2005

On the sellin' of adds!

Sink me! Questions already? Good for you!

For those of you wonderin' about sellin' $10.00 adds and such-- not to worry. Your directress has informed me that upon the front of the advertisement form (the one that you must fill out- yes?) she believes there is a space and a guide to going about the selling of a $10.00 add. Feel free to check in, again, if you are havin' trouble! (Demme, I simply live for trouble I do, what!)
Oh, and somethin' else, m'dear fellows! I'm lookin' for photographs from the teaser, or from practise of the Cast and crew. I know that not a few of you have them, and I want them. So do send these via your directress' e-mail, eh what!

Are you drinking eggnog at present? No? Not even hot chocolate? Best get up and at it, boys! Zounds, you only have one Christmastide holiday!

Now, where's that blasted cravat...I just had it...Margot! We've an emergency, demme, we do!


Sunday, December 11, 2005

A happy holiday to you all!

Sink me- is it Christmastide already? It is, demme, it is!
Bless me, Margot...Is that mistletoe? One moment, m'dear...ahem
Zounds, how time flies when one's having fun, eh what!
Just a reminder to those of the League and Cast- when you return from you're little holidays in the country, do try to remember to bring funding for the show with you...At least $50.00...
Odds fish, we have but a month before openin' night, what...And blocking and such has yet to be fully accomplished! Egad!
Ah, but your directess has informed me that all will be most well- that you all will return refreshed and rejuvenated for the future month of strenuous practices that lay ahead of you! She also will be in constant contact with me, and I, in turn, will update you on all the happenings pertainin' to the show! That means, m'dear fellows, that you all must check up on m'blog at least once a week! Much to do, much to do!
Drink eggnog. Give and receive, what!
Merry Christmas to you and yours from Margot and me!
Come, kiss me, m'dear wife!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

A quick note of interest...

Hear ye, hear ye...
Just a quick reminder, all...there shall be no practice this Friday, but note all are called for a meetin' on Saturday at 9:00 AM sharp, and then the League must stay for practice of "The Creation of Man".
Tuesday, there shall not be practice, so please bring a pencil and paper, as there will be a few last min. details given by your directress.
Stay tuned for all updates during Christmastide through m'blog!


Thursday, December 01, 2005

More Pictures! continue...

Sing, m'dear! Sing! Marguerite (Natalie Vitti) looks smashing in her gown, no?

I believe that chap- who plays me...looks dashing in pastels, eh what?
Bravo, Percy...I mean...Cyrus!

Sirrah, unhand m' wife! Natalie and Matt worry 'bout trusting each other's treachery...Sink me what a bother! I confess, I know exactly how hard it is to keep this riddle going, but you both do it so well!

Percy wows the audience when effortlessly singing his solos in "The Riddle", changing face and bearing soul, showing his real self, and his real suffering for the love of Marguerite. Zounds, that brings back memories!

Ooooooooh ev'ry Judas once loved a Jesus...

Sink me, Mon-suir! You seem to have forgotten your style back in the motherland, what? You might want to turn tail and scamper back to fetch it...leaving me to wife and home? No, I didn't think you would...dark man. Well, do find something colorful for the Royal Ball- zounds, you Frenchie republicans are so droll...

Well all- I must admit that I have a dinner to less than a quarter-hour and haven't even changed m'housecoat yet! Must get to it, or I shall really be monstrous late!

Au revoir!


What you've been waitin' for!

Sink me! Finally, I have obtained copies of the photographs I've been promisin' you all for so very long! Bravo, Percy!

These photographs were taken during the "Teaser Show" performed by the cast, on the Feast of St. Cecilia (which explains the delightful red picture in the background), please note that all costumes are hand-made by Lissa Small and Monica Horiuchi. All will be commented on by yours truly, so that no mistakin' may be made on "who's who and what's what", if I make myself clear...yes? Good! On we go...

Well now, this first photograph is taken during the scene where Robbespiere (Michael Mruk filling in for Greg Monroe) and Shoo-shoo..ahem..Chauvelin (Matt Anderson) enjoy a little heart-to-heart, so French, eh what? Sink me, is that a gillotine behind them?! That is French! And, what is that little scrap of paper upon the demned contraption?....

Ah, what have we here? Methinks Chauvelin is asking the samed question, what? And who is that bloke he's glarin' at? (Note: There will be no visible microphones during the actual production in March)
"Who is this blasted Pimpernel?"
...More to come, more to come!!!