Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Attention all, DIRECTIONS!

Zounds, I do hope you all are havin' fun!
Margot and I simply love Paris in December--the sights, the sounds, the duels...ahem...yes, makes one shiver so!
Your directress will presently send me directions for stage and acting, which I will pass onto you. Please return to m'blog, as these directions are most important, and must be marked within your scripts.

I do hope that all of those within "Madam guillotine" are gatherin' up their costumes for this act, as dear Lissa and Monica have stressed in their postings on m'blog.

More to come, demme!


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Mdm. Butterfly said...

The website is GREAT! Very informative too.

I've been very busy drumming up some ads... praying for some success.