Sunday, December 11, 2005

A happy holiday to you all!

Sink me- is it Christmastide already? It is, demme, it is!
Bless me, Margot...Is that mistletoe? One moment, m'dear...ahem
Zounds, how time flies when one's having fun, eh what!
Just a reminder to those of the League and Cast- when you return from you're little holidays in the country, do try to remember to bring funding for the show with you...At least $50.00...
Odds fish, we have but a month before openin' night, what...And blocking and such has yet to be fully accomplished! Egad!
Ah, but your directess has informed me that all will be most well- that you all will return refreshed and rejuvenated for the future month of strenuous practices that lay ahead of you! She also will be in constant contact with me, and I, in turn, will update you on all the happenings pertainin' to the show! That means, m'dear fellows, that you all must check up on m'blog at least once a week! Much to do, much to do!
Drink eggnog. Give and receive, what!
Merry Christmas to you and yours from Margot and me!
Come, kiss me, m'dear wife!


the league of ordinary men said...

Sir Percy, I have received several requests to buy one liners in our Pamphlets for 10$ to 15$. Should we not use this oppertunity to get more money for less space? What say you Percy . . . are we do go ahead and sell them as such or are we going to limit ourselfs to the 25$ and 50$ packets?

Josephine Sophie said...

I say, Sir Percy, where are you? Not another "pleasure trip" to Paris, I hope? Well, when you get around to it, would you mind posting this message on the main blog? I'm afraid none will see it hither. Merci!
Girls, please get to work on creating your own Madame Guillotine attire. Long skirts and peasant tops or oxford shirts. Be creative with it and suit it to your character. Use aprons, smocks, wigs, whatever! Thanks for helping me out in that area! Monica and I are working hard on getting alot of the costumes done over break! Merry Christmas!

Also, I have created by own blog (just for fun) of the costumes we are working on for SP. You can check it out if you're interested. :> It is