Thursday, December 01, 2005

More Pictures! continue...

Sing, m'dear! Sing! Marguerite (Natalie Vitti) looks smashing in her gown, no?

I believe that chap- who plays me...looks dashing in pastels, eh what?
Bravo, Percy...I mean...Cyrus!

Sirrah, unhand m' wife! Natalie and Matt worry 'bout trusting each other's treachery...Sink me what a bother! I confess, I know exactly how hard it is to keep this riddle going, but you both do it so well!

Percy wows the audience when effortlessly singing his solos in "The Riddle", changing face and bearing soul, showing his real self, and his real suffering for the love of Marguerite. Zounds, that brings back memories!

Ooooooooh ev'ry Judas once loved a Jesus...

Sink me, Mon-suir! You seem to have forgotten your style back in the motherland, what? You might want to turn tail and scamper back to fetch it...leaving me to wife and home? No, I didn't think you would...dark man. Well, do find something colorful for the Royal Ball- zounds, you Frenchie republicans are so droll...

Well all- I must admit that I have a dinner to less than a quarter-hour and haven't even changed m'housecoat yet! Must get to it, or I shall really be monstrous late!

Au revoir!


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Natalie Vitti said...

La m' seems we have a dilemma with the spelling of Marguerite's, I mean Natalie's, last name. Sink me, I believe it is spelled Vitti rather than Viti. I would so very much appreciate your attention to this matter as soon as possible. You must understand, I couldnt' let my little French jewel's name be spelled incorrectly, now could I?