Wednesday, December 21, 2005

On the sellin' of adds!

Sink me! Questions already? Good for you!

For those of you wonderin' about sellin' $10.00 adds and such-- not to worry. Your directress has informed me that upon the front of the advertisement form (the one that you must fill out- yes?) she believes there is a space and a guide to going about the selling of a $10.00 add. Feel free to check in, again, if you are havin' trouble! (Demme, I simply live for trouble I do, what!)
Oh, and somethin' else, m'dear fellows! I'm lookin' for photographs from the teaser, or from practise of the Cast and crew. I know that not a few of you have them, and I want them. So do send these via your directress' e-mail, eh what!

Are you drinking eggnog at present? No? Not even hot chocolate? Best get up and at it, boys! Zounds, you only have one Christmastide holiday!

Now, where's that blasted cravat...I just had it...Margot! We've an emergency, demme, we do!



F117ANighthawk said...

YO!!!!! To everyone - my favorite band, Lifehouse, is coming to D.C. on Monday, the 30th of January. The concert is at Nightclub 9:30 at 7 p.m. The tickets are about $31. If you are interested in coming, please email me(Rachel Shrader)at I need to know who's coming, as I do not have a car or a license, and I need to know who has a car and is willing to drive. So please let me know if you are interested as soon as you can, and included if you have a car and can drive. Thank you!!

Julianna said...

As Monica mentioned, we have to find our own costumes for Madame Guillotine. Does that also refer to me?