Thursday, December 01, 2005

What you've been waitin' for!

Sink me! Finally, I have obtained copies of the photographs I've been promisin' you all for so very long! Bravo, Percy!

These photographs were taken during the "Teaser Show" performed by the cast, on the Feast of St. Cecilia (which explains the delightful red picture in the background), please note that all costumes are hand-made by Lissa Small and Monica Horiuchi. All will be commented on by yours truly, so that no mistakin' may be made on "who's who and what's what", if I make myself clear...yes? Good! On we go...

Well now, this first photograph is taken during the scene where Robbespiere (Michael Mruk filling in for Greg Monroe) and Shoo-shoo..ahem..Chauvelin (Matt Anderson) enjoy a little heart-to-heart, so French, eh what? Sink me, is that a gillotine behind them?! That is French! And, what is that little scrap of paper upon the demned contraption?....

Ah, what have we here? Methinks Chauvelin is asking the samed question, what? And who is that bloke he's glarin' at? (Note: There will be no visible microphones during the actual production in March)
"Who is this blasted Pimpernel?"
...More to come, more to come!!!

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