Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Stephanie J. Block

Sink me--if she didn't go and do it! Miss Dail, taking the chance to escape the everyday hub-bub of your nation's capital, found herself with her chum, Christine, at the world premiere of "The Pirate Queen"--the newest musical by the producers of "Les Miserables"!

Demme, how excitin' what! Not only this, but she was able to obtain Ms. Stephanie J. Block's (quite notable in Broadway, and talented to boot!) autograph, picture and...was able to hand off some headshots and her resume. Three cheers for takin' the chance to seek her dream, even BEHIND the stage!

Miss Dail told me, personally, how much she appreciated the opportunity to meet Ms. Block--let us hope that, with fame and fortune, she's not forgotten the desperate desire to perform, and the obsticles that stand in the way of the actors who seek the stage!

Now, I know what m'captive audience is thinking, "What about you, m'dear chap? Sir Percy, do update us on your comings, and goings...haberdashery and the whatnot..." Well!
I'm not in present to comment on m'self. I am, though, enjoying a nice FRENCH port, at a little cafe on Rue de Berc. Perhaps when I'm finished, I may take a stroll around the Rue de Place and see what's what and who's who...ahem...

More to come, FAR more to come!
Sir Percy

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Miss Dail has altered so!

Miss Dail has passed on this little picture, remindin' me of a show I've seen reciently...ah, yes! "Wicked"!
Miss Dail, indeed, went to the open-call in New York City, this month past, but no non-equity were seen. Sink me, if this entire show isn't about BREAKING barriers...such as equity...ah, but alas for them, methinks!

Keep at it, m'dear--all part of show-buisness, I suspect...what!

A toast to working artists! Cheers!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Mel Gibson

Before Sir Percy returns, I wish to post a short note of support for Mel Gibson.

Mr. Gibson is a man blessed with abundant gifts, a man of profound humility and sincerity. One may say that it's unfortunate, indeed, for skeletons-- thought to be all but buried-- are once again shaken: old battle wounds of temptation seem to never fully heal, and the darkness that could describe many of our pasts can, indeed, revisit us with it's inky despair.

I'm afraid many point fingers at this man who, by all accounts, misjudged his strength and abused a substance he's abused in the past--causing him to loose power over faculties of right-judgment and reason--should be very careful, indeed with such rash condemnation! Many of us choose to act wrongly--to go against our consciences in "cold blood", as it were, with full use of our reason--in order to gain pleasure or avoid pain. Mel Gibson, although making a poor choice in drinking to excess, did not do so. In fact, not only was his mistake spread all over the media--hungry to feed on the flesh of a man who sought to use his craft as a meditation on the Good, the True, the Beautiful, despite the cost to himself and his career--his struggle with sin exposed and condemned, but owning to his wrongdoing, has publicly asked forgiveness for his poor choices.

How very easy it seems, within our society, to point fingers and condemn those who strive for virtue and fail at their attempts--yes, who fall, but get up again and continue to strive--because we lack the courage to face the mirrored image of ourselves within image of brokenness; an image that smacks of despair. Those who admit to suffering with this brokenness begin to climb out of the mire...the rest of us wallow in it, hoping that our facades of "goodness" mask the excrement of sloth and cowardice--hypocrisy in its rawest form.

Mel, from one broken by her past--hoping for a future, built not of her own strength, but with the gratuitous Grace we share in He Who is Our Strength--you have my prayers and undying support!

And to the scoffers-- They also scoffed when, 2000 years ago, a Man condemned and hanging naked, crucified and broken, claimed even then to be the very Godhead that Created and Sustained all that was, is and is to come!
"The foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men... God chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise, God chose what is weak in the world to shame the strong, God chose what is low and despised in the world, even things that are not, to bring to nothing things that are, so that no human being might boast in the presence of God. He is the source of your life in Christ Jesus, whom God made our wisdom, our righteousness and sanctification and redemption; therefore, as it is written, "Let him who boasts, boast of the Lord."

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My Dear Jack...

Come, come-- no need to assault poor Percy so! As I've told you, before, CHRISTINE has your compass! Yes, m'dear--it's displayed, rather brazenly, all over her blog! Now, please don't get all railed up (although, tis more to your character--and you know how much I appreciate that!)

Well, now, I insist that you let Percy go.

Since I have your attention, it might be well to introduce you (and our readers) to another "wayside flower", Magdelena Mielcarz.

Magdelena played "Lygia" in the newest version of "Quo Vadis", made by Polish director Jerzy Kawalerowicz, and more than being stunningly beautiful, is a fantastic actress!

Another actress to look out for is Miss Gracy Singh--

This Indian actress has blatantly stated that she will not compromise her honor in any way (sorry, Jack) for her art--and in that way, I argue, creates a clearer artistic contemplation of the Good, the True and the Beautiful. Ms. Singh is known for her role as "Guri" in the Bali-wood film "Lagaan"

Until our next meeting--I hope to hear back from you soon, Jack, as I'd like to be assured of dear Sir Percy's release--and it would do well for you to apologize to him for this little mix-up, eh? Or else, I might just need to take the Pearl out for ANOTHER joy ride...and you know the crew would assist me, as they always do. It's the extra rum I bring aboard...
-Drink up, ye hearties...yo ho!


Thursday, July 27, 2006


Greetings, m'lovely fans!

Ahem, it's been quite awhile...again. Well, demme, I've got things to do, I have...let "socialite" be the word of the day for you, what!
Nothing too new for news, here...things quiet on my half, but I do have news on the actress (and no, Margot has given up that profession--tried to convince Ms. Dail to do the same...didn't succeed. Well, one must do what one must, no? I mean, an actress is always an actress if she has the passion...)
Bree is movin' to Washington DC, hopin' to continue auditioning for musical theatre, but close enough to continue recordin' for her current production and workin' on her demmnable thesis! The city called, don't you know...ahem, "socialite"?...
She also...wait...who are you, sirrah? What in God's name?...

So sorry, son... Felt the need to commandeer this lil' site I did...Pirate and all. Oh, you didn't know that she also deals with the likes of me, did you? Well, he who did the taking is also the one who took the taker...oh, to hell with it! Stop struggling, will you now?--Be a good lad, it would be a shame to harm you, being that you and Miss Dail are boon companions on the same quest...oh yes, I know her--no, not like that,, now--don't get excited!

Ah, I see you've got her information right here--she has something of mine that I'd like back...and seeing that it's only through you that I can reach her...well, it seems this little--blog...hmmm...will be our parleeeeeleeelooo....whatever those frenchies say...

Got any rum...oh good...

Miss Dail--I await your reply

-Captain Jack

Monday, June 12, 2006

By George-an update?!

Sink me- it's true! Greetings, all, from Blakeney Manor! I've just returned from an France. Lots of fencing, horse racing, and...(slight gasp) shopping! Yes...and dear Marguerite just had to have a little kitten she discovered on Rue des Fleurs. She promptly named her...Marie Madeleine...stunning...quite...Although, the little thing does provide hours of free entertainment, what. A free entertainment. Besides all that, I do have an update on the life of Miss Dail. She's informed me that recording is going superbly...only today, she recorded a piece originated by Sarah Brightman...zounds! Espoir d' Amor is the name of the production, which with luck, will open in the District of Columbia, early soon as the website be up, I, Percy, will take charge to reference it 'pon m'blog. All else is quite well...never started that demmed book I was so determined to write about. Well, one can't do all the fop, the hero AND the academic! With that in mind...a nice sherry... ahhh...

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Cheerio, all!

Zounds! Tis been quite long since I updated m'blog, what!

Much has happened since the last time I've written--too much to be recorded here. Suffice it to say that Miss Dail performed quite well in her audition for the production of m'musical in New Jersey, but t'was not to be!
No, no...don't even suggest that she was unhappy with her audition--quite the contrary! Moreover, she was only a bit disappointed in learning that she was destined, for the time being, NOT to play the part of m'wife, for not long afterwards she landed a leading role in a new production. She is, at present, recording four songs to be used as a promotional tool, and is happy that she is being paid for studio time. Sink me--makes a man shiver, to think how truly Providential the whole situation is! For if she were to have landed the role of Marguerite, she'd not only be living in that dreadful little town in New Jersey (Odds fish--to think that one can never turn left whilst driving one's vehicle...demme, it's illogical!), but she'd also be unemployed...Financially, a bit irresponsible (a bit poor, she still is...ah, the life of an actress...)

Marguerite has just finished a new hat, and I'm simply dying to try it on! No, demme, it's a hat for me...not her hat....wouldn't dream...oh, nevermind! (Such poor taste!)

I shall begin postin' about a new book I'm readin' join me in a toast (whiskey) to the late author and poet, Shelden Vanauken?


Monday, April 10, 2006

The Musical has last!

Sink me! Well, now- all is finished at Christendom! The play ended marvelously...William Michals performed superbly...and the cast party? Demme, one would say "last minute" if it weren't for the fact that obstacles were in the way at every decision and turn. Sink me! The lack of support is astoundin' to say the least!Methinks the directress is more than happy to have...shall we say...washed her hands of the ordeal?

No no- don't take me the wrong way, m'dear fellow! She was more than happy to have directed the show, represented the College, seek the funding, gather the rights, decorate, do PR work, challenge her peers, challenge the administration...etc. I'm just...well...stating the facts.

Zounds! One may ask, "Well, Sir Percy, now that your particular focus on Christendom College's production is over, what now? Will you simply sink into oblivion? Will you forget your blog? Will you stop postin' messages to your league...stay home with the wife?"

I reply, "Demme, no, sir!! I cannot even comprehend it! No, I'll simply talk about...ME!" You see, m'friends, it's simple! There are many of you who are quite familiar with the stage play about m'life, and many more who've seen the many films about m'self...but the BOOKS! Zounds, there are plenty of 'em, and I for one am quite willing to expound upon 'em. Sink me...that's what I'll do!

I shall also keep you informed on the movements of the late directress of Christendom's production, for she has informed me that she plans to move ahead in Theatre...double quick, full steam ahead and all that! Miss Dail will be heading out to New Jersey to audition for another production of m' I have already mentioned, as well as venturing out to seek sponsors for her quest to conquer the stage. Make way, citizens of New York! A CATHOLIC (zooks!) is on a mission and...ahem...crusade for the decent on the stage!

Well, now...that's all I do have to present...

Cheers to you all!


Monday, April 03, 2006

William Michals to conduct Master Class at Christendom

Sink me, if it isn't the Citizen! Ah, well...a note from the (sob..ahem ) former directress, now "just" Ms. Bree Dail:

William Michals will be conducting a Master Class for all interested Christendom students on April 6, from 3:00-6:00 pm.

At 7:30 PM, He will be giving a performance at St. Lawrence Commons, which will be open to the public-but priorty will be given to students, staff and benefactors of the College. (A general donation of $5.00 to help support the Fine Arts at Christendom would be greatly appreciated, but not necessary for admission.)

Mr. Michals was so good as to support the cast and crew of the Christendom Player's producton of "The Scarlet Pimpernel"--a production which was hailed as "be best in the history of Christendom theatre..." and "as good as Broadway"-- breaking box office records, with a maximum sell out opening night (leaving standing- room only, with 450 people in a venue which sat 300 comfortably!)

The master class will include a number of soloists from this and other genres of musical theatre/performance!

WILLIAM MICHALS debuted on Broadway as “The Beast” in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, later returning as the villain Gaston. Other roles include Javert (Les Misérables), Don Quixote (Man of La Mancha), Lancelot (Camelot), Billy Flynn (CHICAGO), Harold Hill (The Music Man), Mack the Knife (Threepenny Opera), Captain von Trapp (The Sound Of Music), and the title role in Phantom. A recipient of the prestigious Anselmo Award, he also earned recognition from Chicago’s “Jeff” and the National STAR awards for his portrayal of Chauvelin in The Scarlet Pimpernel.

Michals has appeared with scores of the country’s leading orchestras including the Utah, San Diego, and Hartford Symphonies, and will return to perform with Peter Nero and the Philly Pops for another exciting evening of “Broadway Showstoppers” in May 2006. A familiar voice of The National Anthem in stadiums coast to coast, he opened the December 11, 2001 memorial service at Ground Zero with "Let There Be Peace On Earth" which was broadcast worldwide.

Operatic roles include Figaro and the Count in Mozart’s Le nozze di Figaro, Escamillo in Bizet’s Carmen, Marcello in Puccini’s La Bohème, and Hunding in Wagner’s Die Walküre. In spring 2005, he was featured as Danilo in the Opera Memphis production of Lehár’s The Merry Widow.

For directions to Christendom, type:
134 Christendom Drive
Front Royal, VA

picture of William Michals taken from

Friday, March 31, 2006

At the Prince's Ball...

They seek him here, they seek him there...

...those Frenchies seek him everywhere!

The boys are actin' quite foppish at the Palace...for the prince, of course...never in real life...they're heros, demme! Ahem-zounds, but I do love the pastels, as Elton (John English, in green) put it, "quite summery"!

I say, Elton, don't look at me!
We all must play the part to the Prince of Wales, what?

See? I told you I had more...

This lucky, bloody swell...

Matt Anderson as Chauvelin

Demme, Chauvelin...leave m' wife alone!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Even more pictures...

The boys and I..."I shall communicate with you by sealed note only..."

With Armande on my left, and Farleigh at my right...we go "into terror, into valor, charge ahead-no! Never turn! Yes, it's into the fire we fly, and the Devil will burn!"

Julian Ahlquist as "Ben"...dressed as "God-knows-what", ready to fight the French...and, yes, Ben- the demned contraption worked, and the boat was ready...and I, for one, never thought you looked "like a couch" in your "foppish gettup" really were, quite...summery!"

More pictures...

Flash...glisten and gash! She will ravish you, Madam Guillotine!

La, m'dear! It's one of our wedding photographs!

God, no! I'm broken but I'm still alive! And, slowly I will feel my soul, revive with time...I'll find a way to right this wrong, if it takes my whole life long- Lord, I'll fight my battles all alone, but make me strong!

Ah, poor me...I didn't even change m'clothes. Demmed mess I thought I was in, that's all. Really, though, no excuse for looking disheveled- a gentleman always changes!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Pictures from the Show

Margot sings "Storybook" while the audience looks on!

Monsuir-citizen? Yes?

Chauvelin would like to see Margot, again...but methinks she's other plans...yes, demme! She's marrying me!

M' dear friend, St. Cyr, was guillotined. This is the last known photograph of him...poor sot. Demnable Frenchies...

Monday, March 13, 2006

Odds fish...we're through! 'Twas a grand success!

Sink me, yes! T'was a grand success, this musical from Christendom College.
The directress has informed me that over 4oo people attended the openin' night performance, with over another 400 entertained on Sunday! Zounds, there's a rumor that even a few critics were there to view the raw talent within m'cast and crew.
Bravo, gentlemen and ladies, bravo!

Now, there are some who protest that I have not supplied enough photographs of the show for you all. Well!
I shall do so at my convienience, but be prepaired for some surprises! I was given around 200 photographs by Monsuir Tom McFadden of Christendom College, and I shall be usin' them for sure!
You may ask, "why the sad face, ol' boy?" I shall say, in reply, that I am already missin' m'cast from Christendom...but I have a few happy announcements, what!
Firstly, Mr. William Michals (who played that villain, Chauvelin, in the Broadway Tour of m'show) will be conductin' a master class and performance at Christendom April 6! More to come, more to come I say!
Secondly, the directress of Christendom's production will, herself, be auditioning for m'show that will be produced in New Jersey, this summer. She shall be auditioning for m'wife, Margot, and hopes that you will keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she trades places from directress to her beloved role as actress!

Ta-ta, for now, eh what!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Dates and Directions to m' show!

Sink me- it's upon us! (ahem, the show!)
Demme, if it won't be a success! The cast has put in a great deal of effort, if I may say so m'self!

Now, to the final dates, times and directions to the show! (Margot and I will be waitn' for you!)
A toast to the cast (single malt, for this happy occasion!)
Cheers! Huzzah (and all that)!

Saturday, March 11- 8:00PM show, doors open at 6:30PM
Sunday, March 12- Matinee at 3:00PM, doors open at 2:00PM
Closing Performance- 8:00PM, doors open at 6:30PM

Ticket Prices: $5 adults/students, $3 children

To: 134 Christendom Drive Front Royal, VA 22630

Monday, February 27, 2006

Sink Me! We're enterin' "Hell Week"!

Zounds! Two weeks until performance!
Here's some pictures of the cast!
More to come- more to come!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

How do?

Sink me! 'Tis been a while, eh what?!
Well, not much time for me to write, what with all the prepairations to be made, turnin' the Commons into m'home.

Just wanted to ahem, raise a glass in honor of Mr. William Michals and The Showbiz Players cast of Cincinnati, Ohio for they're encouragement and endorsement of the Christendom Players and their fantastical production!


On another note, congratulations to Mr. Ron Bohmer, who previously played Sir Percival Blakeney (ME!) the good, and valient...

And is presently playing Sir Percival Glyde, the pernicious... in Andrew Lloyd Webber's new production The Woman in White.

Zounds, so much to little time to primp!



Monday, January 09, 2006

Sink me- if he didn't go and do it! According to, m'friends, "the 6:30 PM performance marks the 7,486th time Phantom of the Opera will play the Majestic Theatre, surpassing Lloyd Webber's Cats to become the longest running show in Broadway history." Here-here! Congrats to Mr. Webber, what!

I have also been asked to re-post a notice for a cast-member regarding goin' to a concert...
"To everyone - my favorite band, Lifehouse, is coming to D.C. on Monday, the 30th of January. The concert is at Nightclub 9:30 at 7 p.m. The tickets are about $31. If you are interested in coming, please email me(Rachel Shrader)at I need to know who's coming, as I do not have a car or a license, and I need to know who has a car and is willing to drive. So please let me know if you are interested as soon as you can, and included if you have a car and can drive. Thank you!!
Ciao, for now!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Stage and acting directions are complete!

M'dear cast.
In m'posting below, I have forworded to you your directress' acting and stage directions. Direct your attention to the "comments" section at the bottem of the post, to retrieve the rest.
The best way to get them all down is to simply copy and paste them into a Word document- or, you could just tediously copy all the notes within your script...Remember to use pencil, or there will be hell to pay! But methinks you all have plenty to do- I'm sure I assigned everyone a task, eh what? Speakin' of it...are the sellin' of ads progressin'?
Sink me- you only have nine days left of your holiday! Up and at 'em, boys!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Acting and Stage Directions are HERE

M'dear cast! Here you shall find all acting and stage directions that your directress has written (in her own prompt book) thus far. Note, m'League, that very little will be changed from these directions.
For the full, please log on to the comments as these will also include additional directions!
Have at it! Into the fire!

Stage and Acting notes should be penciled in if aplicable to you. Please be sure to do this, because we will soon be "off book", and will be expected from you.
Keep memorizing, get ready for some good fun and plain hard work when we return-

Act 1: Scenes 1-4 (1:1-4)
Margot- "Storybook" is free for you. You are larger than life, at this point, with no fear-the proud actress. You must interact with the audience at this part, and be larger than life. It's only then that they will get to know you as the happy bride-to-be, the audience needs to fall in love with your character, or they'll not understand or sympathize with her later- maybe even see her as a whining ninny...

Chauvelin- you need to be colder, with a smirk on your face, not so much a sarcastic sneer...the more impersonal you are, the more the audience will be turned off by you. You are only show a bit of humanity when you question the love of Margot...something needs to be hinted at.
Percy- you are high on life and in love. You are manly, strong willed--but, as is hinted later, a bit self-centred and with an aristocratic air of free-spirited. At this point, you're just proud of your accomplished, beautiful fiancee.
Marie- You are independant and strongwilled, also a bit imprudent and tempetuous.
Tussaud- You complement Marie by being almost overly cautious- a bit squeemish.
Mercier/Coupeau- stiff soldiers.
Stage Directions- We need an antique gun that can fire a cap- hand gun. Get in touch with me if you have one (for Chauvelin)!
One-liners and conversation needs to be quick (but with diction). Know your lines!
Mercier- your line on pg. 5 is cut
Chauvelin- you enter, right after Margot- after Tussaud's line pg. 5.
Percy- pg. 9, you kiss Margot's hand before saying "any questions?"
Dewhurst- you are Percy's best friend, in the books. You, therefore, have best knowledge of him. Try to personalize the situation, and your news as if it were real. (pgs 10-12)
Percy- you need to be firm, not angry...but defensive...when you see the note, you have disbelief and a bit shaky. As for directions concerning "The Prayer", if you want them earlier, e-mail me, otherwise, bring a pencil at our next meeting.

More to come!

Repetitive publishing of previous posts...zounds, that's a good one!

Hear ye, hear ye! Your tailors have requested that their previous post be made public to all!
Thus, I have taken it into m'own hands to repost their posting for publication, what!
(Demme, clever-quite!)
Your directress has informed me that stage directions will be posted, today. Zounds, get out your writin' sticks, gents! This will be a long one, what!
On a more somber note, I do wish to express, on behalf of m'family, our sincerest condolences to Miss Elizabeth Fettes and her own during this very difficult time (Miss Fettes, your directress informed me soon after she heard the sad news of your father's death). Assuredly, you are in our prayers.
Sink me, Beth is quite upheld as a notable member of the League, and has assured her directress, I am told, that she has no intention to quit the daring (albiet honorable, demme) task to finish what she began. Bravo! Here here!
Ahem, to that end, I shall leave you. Stay tuned, m'friends, for directions to come, what!

" Girls, please get to work on creating your own Madame Guillotine attire. Long skirts and peasant tops or oxford shirts. Be creative with it and suit it to your character. Use aprons, smocks, wigs, whatever! Thanks for helping me out in that area! Monica and I are working hard on getting alot of the costumes done over break! Merry Christmas! Also, I have created by own blog (just for fun) of the costumes we are working on for SP. You can check it out if you're interested. It is "