Monday, January 09, 2006

Sink me- if he didn't go and do it! According to, m'friends, "the 6:30 PM performance marks the 7,486th time Phantom of the Opera will play the Majestic Theatre, surpassing Lloyd Webber's Cats to become the longest running show in Broadway history." Here-here! Congrats to Mr. Webber, what!

I have also been asked to re-post a notice for a cast-member regarding goin' to a concert...
"To everyone - my favorite band, Lifehouse, is coming to D.C. on Monday, the 30th of January. The concert is at Nightclub 9:30 at 7 p.m. The tickets are about $31. If you are interested in coming, please email me(Rachel Shrader)at I need to know who's coming, as I do not have a car or a license, and I need to know who has a car and is willing to drive. So please let me know if you are interested as soon as you can, and included if you have a car and can drive. Thank you!!
Ciao, for now!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Stage and acting directions are complete!

M'dear cast.
In m'posting below, I have forworded to you your directress' acting and stage directions. Direct your attention to the "comments" section at the bottem of the post, to retrieve the rest.
The best way to get them all down is to simply copy and paste them into a Word document- or, you could just tediously copy all the notes within your script...Remember to use pencil, or there will be hell to pay! But methinks you all have plenty to do- I'm sure I assigned everyone a task, eh what? Speakin' of it...are the sellin' of ads progressin'?
Sink me- you only have nine days left of your holiday! Up and at 'em, boys!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Acting and Stage Directions are HERE

M'dear cast! Here you shall find all acting and stage directions that your directress has written (in her own prompt book) thus far. Note, m'League, that very little will be changed from these directions.
For the full, please log on to the comments as these will also include additional directions!
Have at it! Into the fire!

Stage and Acting notes should be penciled in if aplicable to you. Please be sure to do this, because we will soon be "off book", and will be expected from you.
Keep memorizing, get ready for some good fun and plain hard work when we return-

Act 1: Scenes 1-4 (1:1-4)
Margot- "Storybook" is free for you. You are larger than life, at this point, with no fear-the proud actress. You must interact with the audience at this part, and be larger than life. It's only then that they will get to know you as the happy bride-to-be, the audience needs to fall in love with your character, or they'll not understand or sympathize with her later- maybe even see her as a whining ninny...

Chauvelin- you need to be colder, with a smirk on your face, not so much a sarcastic sneer...the more impersonal you are, the more the audience will be turned off by you. You are only show a bit of humanity when you question the love of Margot...something needs to be hinted at.
Percy- you are high on life and in love. You are manly, strong willed--but, as is hinted later, a bit self-centred and with an aristocratic air of free-spirited. At this point, you're just proud of your accomplished, beautiful fiancee.
Marie- You are independant and strongwilled, also a bit imprudent and tempetuous.
Tussaud- You complement Marie by being almost overly cautious- a bit squeemish.
Mercier/Coupeau- stiff soldiers.
Stage Directions- We need an antique gun that can fire a cap- hand gun. Get in touch with me if you have one (for Chauvelin)!
One-liners and conversation needs to be quick (but with diction). Know your lines!
Mercier- your line on pg. 5 is cut
Chauvelin- you enter, right after Margot- after Tussaud's line pg. 5.
Percy- pg. 9, you kiss Margot's hand before saying "any questions?"
Dewhurst- you are Percy's best friend, in the books. You, therefore, have best knowledge of him. Try to personalize the situation, and your news as if it were real. (pgs 10-12)
Percy- you need to be firm, not angry...but defensive...when you see the note, you have disbelief and a bit shaky. As for directions concerning "The Prayer", if you want them earlier, e-mail me, otherwise, bring a pencil at our next meeting.

More to come!

Repetitive publishing of previous posts...zounds, that's a good one!

Hear ye, hear ye! Your tailors have requested that their previous post be made public to all!
Thus, I have taken it into m'own hands to repost their posting for publication, what!
(Demme, clever-quite!)
Your directress has informed me that stage directions will be posted, today. Zounds, get out your writin' sticks, gents! This will be a long one, what!
On a more somber note, I do wish to express, on behalf of m'family, our sincerest condolences to Miss Elizabeth Fettes and her own during this very difficult time (Miss Fettes, your directress informed me soon after she heard the sad news of your father's death). Assuredly, you are in our prayers.
Sink me, Beth is quite upheld as a notable member of the League, and has assured her directress, I am told, that she has no intention to quit the daring (albiet honorable, demme) task to finish what she began. Bravo! Here here!
Ahem, to that end, I shall leave you. Stay tuned, m'friends, for directions to come, what!

" Girls, please get to work on creating your own Madame Guillotine attire. Long skirts and peasant tops or oxford shirts. Be creative with it and suit it to your character. Use aprons, smocks, wigs, whatever! Thanks for helping me out in that area! Monica and I are working hard on getting alot of the costumes done over break! Merry Christmas! Also, I have created by own blog (just for fun) of the costumes we are working on for SP. You can check it out if you're interested. It is "