Thursday, January 05, 2006

Repetitive publishing of previous posts...zounds, that's a good one!

Hear ye, hear ye! Your tailors have requested that their previous post be made public to all!
Thus, I have taken it into m'own hands to repost their posting for publication, what!
(Demme, clever-quite!)
Your directress has informed me that stage directions will be posted, today. Zounds, get out your writin' sticks, gents! This will be a long one, what!
On a more somber note, I do wish to express, on behalf of m'family, our sincerest condolences to Miss Elizabeth Fettes and her own during this very difficult time (Miss Fettes, your directress informed me soon after she heard the sad news of your father's death). Assuredly, you are in our prayers.
Sink me, Beth is quite upheld as a notable member of the League, and has assured her directress, I am told, that she has no intention to quit the daring (albiet honorable, demme) task to finish what she began. Bravo! Here here!
Ahem, to that end, I shall leave you. Stay tuned, m'friends, for directions to come, what!

" Girls, please get to work on creating your own Madame Guillotine attire. Long skirts and peasant tops or oxford shirts. Be creative with it and suit it to your character. Use aprons, smocks, wigs, whatever! Thanks for helping me out in that area! Monica and I are working hard on getting alot of the costumes done over break! Merry Christmas! Also, I have created by own blog (just for fun) of the costumes we are working on for SP. You can check it out if you're interested. It is "


TheMoney&TheFame said...

Are you serious, Percy? Methinks thou doth overdo the Scarlet Pimpernel shit much. Unless you are a designer on the set of a remake ( is thatit?) or you the dude in the pictures playing the SP?

F117ANighthawk said...

I know this question has been answered a zillion times, but does the donor make a check out to Christendom College? I told a donor today to do that.

SirPercivalBlakeney said...

Your directress has informed me that the donation is to be made out to Christendom College.

Sink me, m'dear("themoney&thefame"), no need to get vulgar--unless you be the shady type that do! Just a bit of fun, eh what? Fortunatly for you, this blog is all frou-frou, fashion and foppish fun-join us, won't you? Word of honor- no rainy days on our parade! (But, if that be what you're seeking, I'd be happy to direct you towards the perfect's Chauvelin...)

Anonymous said...

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