Friday, March 31, 2006

At the Prince's Ball...

They seek him here, they seek him there...

...those Frenchies seek him everywhere!

The boys are actin' quite foppish at the Palace...for the prince, of course...never in real life...they're heros, demme! Ahem-zounds, but I do love the pastels, as Elton (John English, in green) put it, "quite summery"!

I say, Elton, don't look at me!
We all must play the part to the Prince of Wales, what?

See? I told you I had more...

This lucky, bloody swell...

Matt Anderson as Chauvelin

Demme, Chauvelin...leave m' wife alone!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Even more pictures...

The boys and I..."I shall communicate with you by sealed note only..."

With Armande on my left, and Farleigh at my right...we go "into terror, into valor, charge ahead-no! Never turn! Yes, it's into the fire we fly, and the Devil will burn!"

Julian Ahlquist as "Ben"...dressed as "God-knows-what", ready to fight the French...and, yes, Ben- the demned contraption worked, and the boat was ready...and I, for one, never thought you looked "like a couch" in your "foppish gettup" really were, quite...summery!"

More pictures...

Flash...glisten and gash! She will ravish you, Madam Guillotine!

La, m'dear! It's one of our wedding photographs!

God, no! I'm broken but I'm still alive! And, slowly I will feel my soul, revive with time...I'll find a way to right this wrong, if it takes my whole life long- Lord, I'll fight my battles all alone, but make me strong!

Ah, poor me...I didn't even change m'clothes. Demmed mess I thought I was in, that's all. Really, though, no excuse for looking disheveled- a gentleman always changes!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Pictures from the Show

Margot sings "Storybook" while the audience looks on!

Monsuir-citizen? Yes?

Chauvelin would like to see Margot, again...but methinks she's other plans...yes, demme! She's marrying me!

M' dear friend, St. Cyr, was guillotined. This is the last known photograph of him...poor sot. Demnable Frenchies...

Monday, March 13, 2006

Odds fish...we're through! 'Twas a grand success!

Sink me, yes! T'was a grand success, this musical from Christendom College.
The directress has informed me that over 4oo people attended the openin' night performance, with over another 400 entertained on Sunday! Zounds, there's a rumor that even a few critics were there to view the raw talent within m'cast and crew.
Bravo, gentlemen and ladies, bravo!

Now, there are some who protest that I have not supplied enough photographs of the show for you all. Well!
I shall do so at my convienience, but be prepaired for some surprises! I was given around 200 photographs by Monsuir Tom McFadden of Christendom College, and I shall be usin' them for sure!
You may ask, "why the sad face, ol' boy?" I shall say, in reply, that I am already missin' m'cast from Christendom...but I have a few happy announcements, what!
Firstly, Mr. William Michals (who played that villain, Chauvelin, in the Broadway Tour of m'show) will be conductin' a master class and performance at Christendom April 6! More to come, more to come I say!
Secondly, the directress of Christendom's production will, herself, be auditioning for m'show that will be produced in New Jersey, this summer. She shall be auditioning for m'wife, Margot, and hopes that you will keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she trades places from directress to her beloved role as actress!

Ta-ta, for now, eh what!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Dates and Directions to m' show!

Sink me- it's upon us! (ahem, the show!)
Demme, if it won't be a success! The cast has put in a great deal of effort, if I may say so m'self!

Now, to the final dates, times and directions to the show! (Margot and I will be waitn' for you!)
A toast to the cast (single malt, for this happy occasion!)
Cheers! Huzzah (and all that)!

Saturday, March 11- 8:00PM show, doors open at 6:30PM
Sunday, March 12- Matinee at 3:00PM, doors open at 2:00PM
Closing Performance- 8:00PM, doors open at 6:30PM

Ticket Prices: $5 adults/students, $3 children

To: 134 Christendom Drive Front Royal, VA 22630