Friday, March 17, 2006

Even more pictures...

The boys and I..."I shall communicate with you by sealed note only..."

With Armande on my left, and Farleigh at my right...we go "into terror, into valor, charge ahead-no! Never turn! Yes, it's into the fire we fly, and the Devil will burn!"

Julian Ahlquist as "Ben"...dressed as "God-knows-what", ready to fight the French...and, yes, Ben- the demned contraption worked, and the boat was ready...and I, for one, never thought you looked "like a couch" in your "foppish gettup" really were, quite...summery!"


The Scream said...

Wonderful pictures! THey turned out awesomely! A question Sir Percy. When must we return our promtp bboks back by, and what time is our cast party? Thanks!

SirPercivalBlakeney said...

Sink me, if it isn't Miss Julianna! More pictures to come, m'dear.
Your directress will announce this, but she has given me leave to say that the prompt books and music books must be returned the Wednesday everyone returns to campus.
Cheers to you, m'dear...loved the scream!