Monday, April 10, 2006

The Musical has last!

Sink me! Well, now- all is finished at Christendom! The play ended marvelously...William Michals performed superbly...and the cast party? Demme, one would say "last minute" if it weren't for the fact that obstacles were in the way at every decision and turn. Sink me! The lack of support is astoundin' to say the least!Methinks the directress is more than happy to have...shall we say...washed her hands of the ordeal?

No no- don't take me the wrong way, m'dear fellow! She was more than happy to have directed the show, represented the College, seek the funding, gather the rights, decorate, do PR work, challenge her peers, challenge the administration...etc. I'm just...well...stating the facts.

Zounds! One may ask, "Well, Sir Percy, now that your particular focus on Christendom College's production is over, what now? Will you simply sink into oblivion? Will you forget your blog? Will you stop postin' messages to your league...stay home with the wife?"

I reply, "Demme, no, sir!! I cannot even comprehend it! No, I'll simply talk about...ME!" You see, m'friends, it's simple! There are many of you who are quite familiar with the stage play about m'life, and many more who've seen the many films about m'self...but the BOOKS! Zounds, there are plenty of 'em, and I for one am quite willing to expound upon 'em. Sink me...that's what I'll do!

I shall also keep you informed on the movements of the late directress of Christendom's production, for she has informed me that she plans to move ahead in Theatre...double quick, full steam ahead and all that! Miss Dail will be heading out to New Jersey to audition for another production of m' I have already mentioned, as well as venturing out to seek sponsors for her quest to conquer the stage. Make way, citizens of New York! A CATHOLIC (zooks!) is on a mission and...ahem...crusade for the decent on the stage!

Well, now...that's all I do have to present...

Cheers to you all!


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