Thursday, May 18, 2006

Cheerio, all!

Zounds! Tis been quite long since I updated m'blog, what!

Much has happened since the last time I've written--too much to be recorded here. Suffice it to say that Miss Dail performed quite well in her audition for the production of m'musical in New Jersey, but t'was not to be!
No, no...don't even suggest that she was unhappy with her audition--quite the contrary! Moreover, she was only a bit disappointed in learning that she was destined, for the time being, NOT to play the part of m'wife, for not long afterwards she landed a leading role in a new production. She is, at present, recording four songs to be used as a promotional tool, and is happy that she is being paid for studio time. Sink me--makes a man shiver, to think how truly Providential the whole situation is! For if she were to have landed the role of Marguerite, she'd not only be living in that dreadful little town in New Jersey (Odds fish--to think that one can never turn left whilst driving one's vehicle...demme, it's illogical!), but she'd also be unemployed...Financially, a bit irresponsible (a bit poor, she still is...ah, the life of an actress...)

Marguerite has just finished a new hat, and I'm simply dying to try it on! No, demme, it's a hat for me...not her hat....wouldn't dream...oh, nevermind! (Such poor taste!)

I shall begin postin' about a new book I'm readin' join me in a toast (whiskey) to the late author and poet, Shelden Vanauken?