Monday, June 12, 2006

By George-an update?!

Sink me- it's true! Greetings, all, from Blakeney Manor! I've just returned from an France. Lots of fencing, horse racing, and...(slight gasp) shopping! Yes...and dear Marguerite just had to have a little kitten she discovered on Rue des Fleurs. She promptly named her...Marie Madeleine...stunning...quite...Although, the little thing does provide hours of free entertainment, what. A free entertainment. Besides all that, I do have an update on the life of Miss Dail. She's informed me that recording is going superbly...only today, she recorded a piece originated by Sarah Brightman...zounds! Espoir d' Amor is the name of the production, which with luck, will open in the District of Columbia, early soon as the website be up, I, Percy, will take charge to reference it 'pon m'blog. All else is quite well...never started that demmed book I was so determined to write about. Well, one can't do all the fop, the hero AND the academic! With that in mind...a nice sherry... ahhh...


Anonymous said...

Hello Percy Good to see you!
Nice to now everything is well with you and Marguerite. How is she by the way? Please tell me that Chauvelin is not evil. Have you killed him yet?

*sighs* Anyway, I'm off. Talk to you later Percy

- Louise

chauvelin said...

Bonjour..Mais cet "Percy"...boef!! you say " ze no good man".

Tu demands a moi... Louise apropos mon sante, si je suis en vie ou tue pas cet dodo "precieux" anglais...oui?

Gentile toi!!... Louise...cherie,.. mon te repondre suis bon homme, tranquil, honet,ami de la verite. moi...ami de tous les gens qui cherche liberation, fraternite, egalite, eqalite.....VOILA....ton Chauvelin