Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My Dear Jack...

Come, come-- no need to assault poor Percy so! As I've told you, before, CHRISTINE has your compass! Yes, m'dear--it's displayed, rather brazenly, all over her blog! Now, please don't get all railed up (although, tis more to your character--and you know how much I appreciate that!)

Well, now, I insist that you let Percy go.

Since I have your attention, it might be well to introduce you (and our readers) to another "wayside flower", Magdelena Mielcarz.

Magdelena played "Lygia" in the newest version of "Quo Vadis", made by Polish director Jerzy Kawalerowicz, and more than being stunningly beautiful, is a fantastic actress!

Another actress to look out for is Miss Gracy Singh--

This Indian actress has blatantly stated that she will not compromise her honor in any way (sorry, Jack) for her art--and in that way, I argue, creates a clearer artistic contemplation of the Good, the True and the Beautiful. Ms. Singh is known for her role as "Guri" in the Bali-wood film "Lagaan"

Until our next meeting--I hope to hear back from you soon, Jack, as I'd like to be assured of dear Sir Percy's release--and it would do well for you to apologize to him for this little mix-up, eh? Or else, I might just need to take the Pearl out for ANOTHER joy ride...and you know the crew would assist me, as they always do. It's the extra rum I bring aboard...
-Drink up, ye hearties...yo ho!


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