Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Stephanie J. Block

Sink me--if she didn't go and do it! Miss Dail, taking the chance to escape the everyday hub-bub of your nation's capital, found herself with her chum, Christine, at the world premiere of "The Pirate Queen"--the newest musical by the producers of "Les Miserables"!

Demme, how excitin' what! Not only this, but she was able to obtain Ms. Stephanie J. Block's (quite notable in Broadway, and talented to boot!) autograph, picture and...was able to hand off some headshots and her resume. Three cheers for takin' the chance to seek her dream, even BEHIND the stage!

Miss Dail told me, personally, how much she appreciated the opportunity to meet Ms. Block--let us hope that, with fame and fortune, she's not forgotten the desperate desire to perform, and the obsticles that stand in the way of the actors who seek the stage!

Now, I know what m'captive audience is thinking, "What about you, m'dear chap? Sir Percy, do update us on your comings, and goings...haberdashery and the whatnot..." Well!
I'm not in present to comment on m'self. I am, though, enjoying a nice FRENCH port, at a little cafe on Rue de Berc. Perhaps when I'm finished, I may take a stroll around the Rue de Place and see what's what and who's who...ahem...

More to come, FAR more to come!
Sir Percy